New information on Maczek Family

Having read through all the responses from the request for assistance after finding documents over at matricula that could be tied to my MACZEK line of family I can now say with 100% certainty that I have found Franz Maczek's parents.

This is another brick wall that I was finally able to move, I do not think I can say I broke through the wall just yet, but pushed it a bit farther back.  From what I can gather from the documents is that the Family name was Macek and was later changed (1912) to Maczek.   This could be a distinction for the moving from Vienna, to Prague, and the use of the c vs cz in names (at least that is what I understand at the moment.

So currently I now know that Franz Maczek' father was Anton Maczek and that his mother's name was Maria Pergal (spelling might be off hard to read).  And that they were married in 1869 in Vienna, the same year that Franz was born.  

Further information was found showing the marriage of Anton Macek and Maria Pergal, listing both of their fathers names.  Anton's father was Johann and Maria's father was Stephan.

Here is a link to the file:  Marriage

Anton Maczek marriage is on the first row, and it seems like it might give the birth dates of each of them as I see it shows 841 next to Anton and next to Maria it shows 842.  It also shows 869 at the end of the row.  This document is in 1869, I am guessing that they took off the 1 for some reason.  If  anyone does look at the document and can give me any more insights that would be great.  Sorry for some reason I was unable to post a picture of it.

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