FamilySearch 2015 year in review

At the end of 2014 I posted about FamilySearch year in review showing how many records/databases have been updated, so as we close out 2015 here are some statistics.

Last year FamilySearch updated/added a total of 553 collections/records, in 2014 that number was 770.  Currently FamilySearch has 2055 collections available online.  Once again this does not go into all the details of how many actual records were updated/added, just the number of collections.  Just because the amount of collections were lower then last year does not mean that less records were also added.  It has been hard to keep an accurate list of all collections added for the year, and which ones were just updated.  

For a little while I was posting all new collections that were happening in 2015, and will post that short list here, mind you this is not a full list of new collections, but the ones that I actually were tracking.

  • Florida, Fort Lauderdale Crew Lists, 1939-1945 
  • Kentucky, Vital Record Indexes, 1911-1999 
  • Italy, Pesaro e Urbino, Urbino, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1866-1942 
  • United States, Freedmen's Bureau Hospital and Medical Records, 1865-1872 
  • Hungary Civil Registration 
  • Utah, Uintah County Marriage Records, 1888-2015 
  • Utah, Uintah County Naturalization and Citizenship Records, 1888-1929 
  • Utah, Uintah County Land and Property Records, 1888-2004 
  • Utah, Uintah County Discharge Records, 1893-2009 
  • Italy, Grosseto, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1851-1907 
  • Italy, Cremona, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1744-1942 
  • Italy, Pesaro e Urbino, Pesaro, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1808-1813, 1861-1865 
  • Italy, Ragusa, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1900-1940 
  • Philippines, Negros Occidental, Roman Catholic Diocese of Bacolod, Parish Registers, 1755-1976 

Also to keep things in perspective here is some collections that have been updated with numbers from previous years:

United States Census: 1860 2013: 5,302,012
                                             2014: 27,106,888
                                             2015: 27,150,234

Slovakia, Church and Synagogue Books, 1592-1910   2012: 8,887,032
                                                                                           2014: 13,829,59
                                                                                          2015: 13,834,866

United States World War II Draft Registration Cards   2014: 10,047,318
                                                                                         2015: 19,970,480

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