2015 Greatest Research Achievement

Looking back over 2015 I see a made a couple of "big" achievements in research even though I was not 100% active all year long.   I think the biggest find would be for the Maczek family and the birth record for my Franz Maczek in 1869 in Vienna.

I always knew that he was born in Vienna in 1869 but there was never any documentation that I could find to prove it.  With some help from GenTeam and their mailing lists I was able to search through Matrica's online database and narrow down my search.   With help with translation I was able to confirm not only his birth information but that of his parents.

I have not taken it a step past that information just yet, but that has been a long time coming.   The original blog post about finding Franz Maczek.

The other big achievement is editing and posting my gram's story, I have 2 parts to it already up, and editing/adding more information for the next part hope to have that up here soon also.

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