The Deliverance of Sister Cecilia

I know that I have made many posts about this story, but I like to bring it up every once in a while in the hopes that I might be able to find a copy on video.

The Deliverance of Sister Cecilia is the story of a nun in Slovakia (Bratislava) who helps priests and other nuns escape Slovakia that is under Communist control.  What makes this so important to me is that Sister Cecilia is a relative of mine on my mother's side.

She was born Cecilia Kondrc in Bucany (most likely), I don't think I have any proof of the exact village, but 95% of the Kondrc's were born in Bucany.  My great grandfather was Steve Kondrc who was also born in Slovakia and came to America.

Back to the story of Sister Cecilia, shortly after she arrived in America they wrote a LIFE article about her, and a book (written by William Brinkley).  Currently I have the book, and the Magazine.

Last they made a made for TV movie called the Deliverance of Sister Cecilia in 1954.  It was part of Climax Mystery Theater and Sister Cecilia was played by Claudette Colbert.   I don't know if I will ever find a copy of the video, but I have to keep looking in the hopes that someone somewhere has it and is willing to make a copy for me.

If anyone has any idea's or knows how to get a copy please let me know. Thanks

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