Movie: Deliverance of Sister Cecilia

I am asking for help in search of this made for tv movie.  It was part of Climax! Mystery Theater, that originally aired 5 May 1955 (Season 1, Episode 24).  If you have read previous post you would know that this is one of my relatives, and I am in search of connecting the dots.  I have the book, I have the LIFE article, and now I am collecting newspaper articles about Sister Cecilia. 
A few years ago I posted on a few websites that  I was searching for this video, to no avail.  If anyone knows of anyway to get a copy of this it would be great.  I have called every distrubutor of old tv shows, and online stores, even tried CBS.  I think I woud need to find a private collector, but unsure about how to do that.

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