My Gram's story: Part 1

A while back my gram started write down what she remembered of growing up, and coming from Europe to America.  I have since taken it from paper and typed it out on the computer.   I am so glad that I have this little piece of history I just wish some of my other family members wrote more of their history down.  This is still a rough draft, as we add more information that she remembers.

My name is Jolan,  and this is my story.  I was born on a winter day in Prague, Czechoslovakia on January 31, 1927.  My parents were  Elly Perutz one of the heiresses to the Bruders Perutz Textile company based out of Prague, and Walter Maczek Edler von Vierwehr the son of  Oberst Franz Maczek an officer of the Austrian Army who was ennobled in 1918 for his great deeds during the war.
I was an only child, but I had family around  all the time.  My father had four brothers: Max, Ernie, Karl, and Franz.  This gave me many cousins to play with when I was young;  Susie was Uncle Max’s daughter, Hanna was Uncle Karl’s daughter, Franz (Ollie) had 3 children, and Ernie married late and had no children.

On my mother's side she had one sister Annie Perutz, who got the nickname Mush.  She was a favorite of mine and later in life I would make trips to see her and her Husband Hans Paul Mauder in England.

The house that I grew up in was on the outskirts of Prague in a town called Bubenc  My maternal grandparents (Richard and Alice) lived about 20 minutes away from us, and I used to take short cuts through the woods to get to them.  The house they lived in was large, and they had a big garden with fruit trees, and a sandbox which my cousin Ax and I used to play in.  

As a young girl I remember that my father who I called Papi would tuck me into bed.  I lost my father when I was three  to a car accident.  He was in Carcassonne, France with one of his brothers, they had an accident in which my father was killed.

My mother later remarried a man called Ernst Kainka, who I called Bimbi, who I loved very much.  Unfortunately he died a few years later, but before he died I was able to see him one last time at the hospital.  During that visit I brought him a lighter, which made him very happy. 

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