From the website:

2015 June 15 - GEDmatch has experienced a significant loss of data due to a bug in a recent programming change. The loss affects the kit profiles that contain the person's name, and connect it to your login email account. Unfortunately, some information was not recovered. Affected are kits uploaded after approximately Feb 20, 2015. Alias names for the kit were lost, so the kit may now display the real name of the person. You can reenter the alias with the EDIT link at the bottom of your DNA resources box. Names and connections to your account were also lost for some Lazarus kits. We believe most of the kits are still there, but they may not show up on your DNA resources list. If you will send us the Lazarus kit number, we can probably restore it to your account. In any event, it should still be accessible for comparisons.

We are still cleaning up a few things. Please do not try to 'fix' a missing kit by deleting, reloading, rephasing, etc., until we've had a couple of days to put things back together.


Wanted to make sure everyone knows in case they have data over there. I believe mine are safe as mine are from a few years back now.

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