Who wants to go on an online hunt with me?

Ok folks I want to see who might want to help me hunt down a relative.  You will need access to the 1910 census as this is were I am looking for my relatives.  I will give you some of the basic information and we can see if we can get anywhere  from there.

The Surname:  KONDRC (seen as Kordic or Kondie in 1920, 1930 shows as Kondis)
Given Names : Stephan (also seen as Steve, Stefan) (born 1881 in Slovakia)
Given Names:  Anna (born 1890 in Slovakia )
Given Names:  Mary Kondrc (born 1908 in Charlerio, PA)
Given Name: Rose (Rosalie, born 1910 in Charlerio, PA) - she may not be present at time of Census recording.

Steve and Anna were married February 5, 1908 in Charlerio, PA.  I have found them in the 1920, and 1930 census.  Have not been able to find them in the 1910 census.

Well hope I will be able to find them.   Steve arrived in the US in 1906 I believe through Baltimore, and Anna
in 1907.

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