Spotlight on Family: Frank S. Kondrc

Frank S. Kondrc was born in Charlerio, PA on April 18, 1919 to Steven and Anna Benjak Kondrc.  Steven and Anna both hailed from Slovakia near Bratislava and came to American around 1907.  They ended up in Charlerio, PA.

Frank had many five sisters and no brothers.  The names of his siblings are:  Mary who married Joseph Stolar, Rose who married Andrew Station, Stephie who married Daniel Maglenti, Annie who married John Filone, and Eleanor who married Leary Kijowski.

The above photo is the Kondrc family, Frank is sitting on his father's lap.

As you can see from the Baptism paper he was baptised on April 27, 1919.  For more information on place of birth and family I have the SS-5 for him also.

Frank also worked at the Pittsburgh Plate and Glass like his father, but he also joined the military.  Frank enlisted in the Army Air Corps on 25 Jun 1941 and served as a war photographer as shown here.

My grandmother told me a story that he was at the execution of Mussolini and had taken photo's during that day, but she got rid of the photo's after he had passed.    I still have a few photo's of him I will repost the photo from a few weeks ago here to show him in action in the military.

Frank was discharged from the Army 25 August 1945

In February of 1947 in NY Frank married Jolan Maczek my grandmother.  They had three children.
Frank passed away on October 19, 1988 and is buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Glenwood NJ.

I do not remember a lot about my grandfather but I certain things I do.  I remember he had a pipe, now my gram says that he did not smoke anymore maybe he kept it around.  Somehow I remember it being sort of orange at the tips, and like woven were you stuff it.   I also know he was an avid hunter and had many guns and bows.  I also remember hearing a story that he took down a 12 pointer (not a hunter so bear with me) with a bow.  I am guessing this is a hard thing to do.

He also worked with leather, I do remember in the basement there were tools to work on leather, I think I tried to make a belt once there.  After he passed I also remember taking out the hand mower and mowing the lawn.  I do have a copy of his death certificate, but I think this is enough to post about my grandfather.  I  have to ask my family for some more photo's of him later in life.  I also think that he was battling cancer, I do remember that he was bald.

Jolan and Frank

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