Bucany , Slovak Records now at local FHC

After work I stopped by the local Family History Center to try and do a little research on a friends family lines. I was getting stuck trying to find anything between 1780-1850 in NY or Germany that would connect the lines. But that is another story for another day.

Before I was about to leave the FHC I decided I should log in a check on the status of my film request.  It was still showing as executed.  I talked to one of the volunteers who looked through the book and we noticed that they arrived on the 18th of October (I only have them for 90 days).  So I am two weeks for the 3 films not to big of deal really in my book.

The volunteer had me check my email and login to FamilySearch to show me where we can check the status, and that is where I showed him the status has not been updated since then.  I even called about a week or go, but since I told them my account showed executed, they said call back when status says shipped.  No fault on their side I did not know how the system worked or I would have asked them to check the logs to see if it had arrived.

I now have three films at the Family History Center

2236116 - Baptisms 1754-1800 (p. 1-136) - Marriages 1755-1760, 1788-1794, 1766-1800 (pp. 137-189) - Deaths 1766-1800 (pp. 213-279) - Converts 1780 - 1795, 1914 (pp. 288-290)
Baptisms 1800-1852 (p. 3-324) - Confirmation 1853 (pp. 325-355) - Deaths 1800-1837 (pp. 369-501)

2236117Deaths 1837-1852 (pp. 502-596) - Marriages 1800-1852 (pp. 607-701) - Confirmation 1863 (pp. 702-716) - Converts 1810 to 1850 (p. 718-the end), Births 1852-1862 (str. 1-119),Marriages 1852-1871, Deaths 1852-1862, Deaths 1862-1873

1224827 - Births (1862-1895),  Marriages (1872-1896) Deaths (1874-1895)

While I wish that they where at least up to 1900 or beyond I can work with most of this.  I spent about 4 hours today just doing basic viewing looking for the surname KONDRC, I pulled a few other names out, but for right now I am doing initial scans for just the KONDRC surname once I have them figured out I can branch off to all the other branches of them (ie wives, cousins, ect).

In those 4 hours I was only able to get through the Baptism's section of 2236116, and yes 4 hours was probably quicker then most people but when you are only searching for one surname in  probably 500 or more pages its not to hard.

I only wish that I had it on the film reader that you can use your thumb drive, but I think I would have scanned the entire thing (is that allowed).  Maybe that will be a future post, need to remember to bring actually cash for the next time I am there.  It is a dollar an hour to use the scanning version of the film reader.

Now I am off to work to transcribe my 10 pages of new KONDRC's into my list and update it to Scribd.

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