Data Backup Day: Nov 1

The first of the month and its time for me to validate my back-up solutions.   Currently I have a multiple fallbacks for my genealogy documents and databases.  I have all my information stored on my D: drive of my computer.  At the moment I think it rounds out to be about 2.4 GB of space.

Backup Solutions:

DropBox (2.25 GB) - which I am currently getting close to filling 98%.
ZumoDrive (2.25GB) - Also close to being full.  (5GB)  which is not full, but does not have a SYNC program which makes it a hassle, I have not sync'd in a long time, will have to do an update today just to be current. (10GB) I recently added this to my list but have yet to upload anything to my account.
SugarSync (3.70GB) I am not sure on this one either, have to validate information and update if required.

2TB  - I have any external that I use Always Sync and Go.  Which reminds me that I need to see what other options Always uses (might be able to have it set to update say or another such site.
60GB Ext  - An older laptop external drive that I have sitting around, about once a month I copy my Genealogy data to it and store it.

I think that is my backup plans for right now.  I know its a little extreme on the online side but you can never be to careful as I have learned.  My job as an IT professional I have seen my share of data loss,  and thats not counting the stupid things I have done that have almost lost me precious data.

About a year ago I was fixing one of my computers and needed to reinstall Windows 7, well it was being a pain, so I ran clean from FDISK.  This hard drive had two partitions with the second one have 90GB of photo's of my two daughters (that were not backed up anywhere at the time).  Long story short was that it was lost for a few hours and had to run a lot of recovery software but was able to repair the damage and save the files.

I now also have two or three locations where I backup my daughters photos/videos which is probably over 100GB now.

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