Data Backup Day

Last weekend I decided to reload my machine because it started acting up.  In preparation of the reload I wanted to make sure that my important files were backed up, or will continue to be backed up in the transition.

The reload was pretty strait forward, but I had a few files on my C: drive that I needed to move to the external drives.  This consisted of my user profile (My Documents, My Photos, ect).  Most of the files are already held of the D: drive which stayed in tact in the reload.

Because I have my most important files backed up in multiple places it was an easy reload (except for my Family Tree Maker issues) but that was fixed also.  All in all I was back up and running with in an hour tops after starting the reload.  That includes all the important programs that I use.

My favorite cloud storage is Dropbox were I have about 12 gigs of space used, which is about 5 gigs of Genealogy data, and the rest photo's.   Next would be Google Drive, I have both of these program syncing the same folder in the cloud (twice the redundancy in the cloud).

Additionally I just setup a new account at and these will be used for family photo's they also sync a folder on my computer, so I don't have to worry about uploading or downloading to sync them.

Another great thing about cloud storage is the ability to have access to them anywhere, and all of the sites have Android apps (I believe they also have iPhone apps, but I don't have anything Apple so not positive).  This way when I am out and about and need to look at something its at my fingertips on my S3, or Fire.

Lastly I also have a 3TB USB drive that I sync with my main folders for Genealogy and my family photo's.  I have already come close too many times to loosing data, important data.  It was about 95 gigs of family photos that were erased by accident but I was able to save them.

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