Data Backup Day: September

Its that time again to think of data backup.  About two days I go I formated my C: drive on my netbook.  I  am running Windows 7 and wanted to get a smaller version as it only has a 4G SSD on it.  I did erase my Family Tree Builder Database.  But I downloaded a GEDCOM off of MyHeritage, only problem was all the photos were removed.  Had to start over on that one.  Lesson Learned.   Right now everything is on my external drive, but I will be copying my Genealogy Directory over to the D: drive of the netbook.  Also I will be installing Always Sync.

I found this program to be outstanding in doing file sync.  I have used a version at my job for the past two years syncing about 3 TB of data between multiple servers and locations.  I have seen others try to do it the basic way of copying files and it always takes them three times as long.   I recommend this program to anyone who needs file syncing.  It also has the option for automatic scheduling of syncing folders.

Besides that I have been pretty good with my data, I guess it has finally caught up to me to make sure that I always have a backup.  I am thinking that I might also look at online storage as a secondary off-site, will look into them.  Nothing fancy and I would prefer free also.

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