One Day Left on Free Census Weekend.

So we are one day away from the end of the free census records on  I started with 488, and so far have gotten through the C's in my list.  I have added about 20 new names to this database which need to be further vetted out, but are good starting points.

I have also added more "residence" locations for a good portion of my 488.  On my last post I talked about how to verify if I had a user in a census year, and once again thanks to Russ I was able to add Residence into my report.

I have not used it to remove people who are fully census done, but at least at quick look I can see if I am missing anybody in a given census year which is a great help.

I hope to get at least my main lines of my families done before the end of the free period and then work my way outwards.

If I had to take an estimate I would say I am at about 420 names left, does not sound like I did a lot but over all I think it is good progress.

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