Putting to use the mining of Ancestry.com by Genealogy's Star.

Today I decided to take advantage of the idea from Genealogy's Star about mining Ancestry.com with FTM 2012.  To be fair I uploaded a tree when it was in Beta, and have to order my new copy of FTM here shortly (its on my to-do list).

Either way I have a tree on Ancestry with 2100 people, and about 250 hints at the moment.  On average each person with a leaf has about 3 hints.  I believe the hints are only showing for my main lines as I have not opened up other branches of the tree online.  It seems to only register new connections as I open them up in the web interface of Ancestry.com.

I must also state at this point and time I do not have any subscriptions to Ancestry.com.   During the first 15 days of October, Ancestry is offering up a new database each day.  So I should be able to use those database's to my advantage.

In the end I pulled information from the SSDI, WWI Draft Records, 1920 Census, and 1880 Census.   At this point the rest of my "hints" required a subscription.  I hope that when I get my copy of FTM 2012 I can  just download the tree off Ancestry and use that as the main database.  Since uploading it I have not made any significant changes to my tree that would not take more then a few minutes to update.

Through work I have access to  AncestryLibrary Edition.  I guess I could pick out the hints and then jump through the hoops to connect them in FTM, that is another possibility.

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