Ancestry Trial and Hints

I decided to give the trial period and see what I could find out.  Currently showing 500 hints in a database of 2300 people.  Not sure if that is good or bad, or if it has had the chance to find hints on everybody in the database.

Overall I made a lot of connections to Ancestry Tree's and a few census records here and there.  Add in a few SSDI's and we would be good.  I think I spent about 2 hours on it today, and I knocked it down from 500 to about 484.  Somewhere along the way I think I gained more hints, so I would guess that I hit about 50 hints today to be on the safe side.

Most of the hints were accurate with about 3 that were off.  I did notice that it doubled a family in my tree, think that is mostly my mistake when verifying the data.  I am thinking its going to take a lot longer then the trial period to get through my 500 or so hints, but it will be worth it in the long run.  I have it setup to do monthly world access if  I do need it to go past the 14 days.

The only real question that I have is that if you do use the "hints" and it find say a census record does it download the media that is connected to it or is it only attached via the online tree?  If it does not get downloaded I think that it would not be all the useful. I like to be able to look at documents later on.  And if I have to back track through to find out where I got some sort of information for one of my ancestors I may get tired quickly.

If I am doing it wrong and there is a way to have the media downloaded please let me know so I can make the necessary changes.

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