Working with Family Tree Maker 2012

I have been wanting to start using Family Tree Maker 2012 ever since I heard about the Tree Sync, I had the beta version but till tonight had not purchased the software.  Last time I checked I saw that you could only order it via CD and then wait for it to show up.  That kind of put me off on ordering (I like instant gratification on purchases I guess)

Tonight I decided to take another look at the software and noticed that they now have the "Download" option for the software.  It was also 10$ off, so I got it for 29$, no taxes.  The download was 530 Mb, and took about  5 minutes to download, and then from there it proceeded to install.  On initial boot up, it required an patch download which was also pretty quick.  Other's have already posted about the patch for FTM 2012 so no need to repeat.   One it was up and running  I was able to re-sync my tree that was currently on

From there I went and added the new names that I have in my other database (Family Tree Builder) will probably be working with both of them side by side.  My next move will be to use the 14 day free trial on  I wish that I would be able to use my AncestryLibrary account that I have at work to connect to the hints.  If anyone knows of how to default of Library instead of please let me know.

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