Ancestry Hints: Media Questions.

I have been using the trial period for about 10 days out of the 14 mostly for the Ancestry hints.  As stated  earlier I have full access to AncestryLibrary edition from my house but that does not work with hints.    My use of the trial period was to test out the Ancestry hints and then download them to my FTM 2012.

Also as stated in an earlier post I had about 500 hints for about 2600 individuals in my tree.  There would probably be more but I have noticed that they dont "get" hints unless I view them in the web view, or possibly in FTM 2012.  I have not had the time to click on every person in my tree in either formats to see if there are any hints available.

Back to the main point of this was talking about Media connected to the hints.  With each hint there is usually a type of media that is associated with it.  For example if you get a hint for the 1930 census record for an individual then that means he/she was found in the census.

My question as I have not been able to figure this out, or maybe its a settings issue is this.  If you select a hint and state that its valid, and update you tree with the sources.  I know that the source is added to your person in the tree, but does the media also get attached, is it downloaded?

Now using FTM 2012 if you have connected hints and then did a sync with does that download the source media or does it just provide a link to that media that would be disconnected if you did not have access to on a paid account?  

Is there a way to match all sources with the documents/pictures ect, and then download them all to your hard drive?  I would rather have all the documents locally on my drive that I can then connect or just have to reference later on.

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