New Online Resource: LackawannaCounty Online Access

About a year ago I made a post on forums asking about a marriage date for a distant relative.  Two weeks ago I received an email that a reply was posted to that message with a date for the marriage along with the parents names.  I did not think to much of it at the time, figured that they kind person went to the courthouse.

I would usually go to PAGENWEB for Lackawanna County but that only had records till about 1920 that were listed.  One day I decided to poke around the forums for Lackawanna County and thats were I found this little gem.

Lackawanna County Public Access is available on with Internet Explorer but it contains Marriage Records from 1885-Present, Marriage Index 1885-Present, Wills Index 1878-Present, and I believe Birth/Death Records.

I have only had the time to search the marriage license's at this time.

On initial install i had an error reporting that "Setup.exe" could not be found.  Look on your desktop for the LHA install file and it will install fine.  Besides that have fun and see what you can find for your families

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