FTM 2012: Does it Support Ancestry Library?

I downloaded the Family Tree Maker Beta 2 the other day but have not really gotten into it yet.  I have been using Family Tree Builder from MyHeritage for a a long time now, but figured I should give others a try.  The new Tree Sync is a nice addition that I just implemented for my tree.  Besides that I never really go anywhere near reports and charts for the most part.  I am mostly looking for which program makes it easiest to input data and make it easy to find down the road.  One of the other main things I always liked how in FTM it will find hints and link back to Ancestry.

The issue with this is that I only have the free account on there as I have an AncestryLibrary access available via my work that I can access from home which I would be able to see some of these hints from.  I know I can do the search in FTM, find the link locations and then go to AncestryLibrary and dig down to the specific record but was hoping there might be an easier way.

I am not even sure if its possible to set AncestryLibrary as your default login for tree hints.  I have tried it but each time I  do a search I have to manually put in my login/password, and then manually put in the search criteria.

Other parts of the search get automatically filled out.  Ancestry, Google, Bing, ect are all automatically filled out, not sure if that is possible.  If anyone has any idea's or thoughts on this let me know.

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