610,000 additional entries online at GenTeam


For anyone who does not know what GenTeam is:

GenTeam is a loose organization of genealogists or historians who produce databases on their own or as a part of a group, and who offer these databases to all researcher without any fee.

GenTeam is a non-commercial organization!

The geographical centre of the databases is the present-day Austria and its neighboring lands.

The use of the databases is without any fee; only a simple registration is required.

As with every index of database, this collection will also contain mistakes because of reasons outside of our control. Databases offered by GenTeam are not meant to replace research in original records, and this must be done in the archives.

As of Jul 5th 610,00 additional entires have been added to the GenTeam databases.

1.  New: Jewish Registers in the Burgenland, Austria
2.  New: Index of motor vehicle owners in Austria
     approximately 66,000 entries
3.  Diocese Passau (Germany): approximately 284,000 
     new entries
4.  Vienna: index of Catholic Baptisms approximately 
     97,000 new entries
5.  Vienna: index of Catholic death records in Vienna
6.  Register Indices from Lower and Upper Austria, 
     Burgenland, Bohemia and Moravia approximately 
     121,000 new entries.

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