Delia Toomey

So I am stuck again. Its the Bridget Gerritty Toomey issue. Somewhere along the way there is a Delia Toomey, who happens to have the same three children, and married to a Lawrence Toomey, in the correct city of PA. But there is no Bridget. Could this be her middle name, not many people left alive that could really point me in that direction. Could the census be wrong for 1920/1930, its clearly not transcribed wrong as you can see it says Delia.
Same thing. I found out Lawrence had a sister, found her in 1930, Jannie Corey. Ok so it might be listed as Jennie Corey right? Nope. Only listing so far is 1930. Any suggestions? I am out of luck on those names right now. I think I need to head to Scranton, and copy the entire Scranton Times. That might help me narow things down.

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