The Deliverance of Sister Cecilia

I am not sure how many people know about Sister Cecilia, but I found out about my relative from my grandmother. Sister Cecilia is on the maternal side of my family, through my mother's father's side.
Sister Cecilia was in Bratislava during the communist hold, and helped nuns, and priests escape, and then she escaped and made her way to the United States.
After hearing a brief description of her life, I set out to find out more information about her. I have collected a LIFE magazine from 1954 with a story about her, and also a book written from William Brinkley with the same title as this blog post. I am still without the final piece to the puzzle, the Climax! Mystery Theater "The Deliverance of Sister Cecilia", starring Claudette Colbert, to this day I have not been able to find a copy either on video, or DVD.
Anyone with any leads to the Video, I would be most appreciated.

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