The Gerrity Sisters

Bridget Gerrity, Anna Gerrity, and Winifred Gerrity arer three sisters who came from Western Ireland between 1890-1900.  I dont have an exact date for them just yet, the easiest one to find was Winifred, I guess because Winifred was not a normal name. 
Lets start with Anna Gerrity, she married William Mckenna in about 1896 in Scranton, PA.  I do not have a marrige license, and not positive on birth date, or even date of death.  I have found her in the 1920/1910 Census.
Next we will go with Bridget Gerrity, my paternal great grandmother.  I have a rough estimate on when she was born, going off information that I am waiting on for her marrige license to Lawrence Toomey in Scraton, PA.  I have found out that she was married in 1907, and passed in 1955, having found both her obituary, tombstone, and marrige license information. 
Last we goto Winifred Gerrity, who first married John Montgomery, not sure when this occured, wether it was a divorce, or she became a widow.  Next she married John Brady, once again not sure when.  I dont have any information about birth dates, death dates, or marrige dates for her either.
I am hoping by starting to put this information out, that I might be able to get some responses, and maybe get past the brick wall of these families. 

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