Jane Tooney (Toomey)

I was on ancestry the other day searching for my Toomey relatives when I thought about using Stephen Morse's One Step website in hopes of getting a better selection.  Jane full name is Jennie, but it could have been spelled as Jen, or even Jane, and then there is Toomey, how many differant spelling can you think of there. 
So off to One Step,  for the first name i started with Jan, for last name i selected Toomey (clicked Sounds like).  I already have her in the 1930 Census, so lets start backwards.  I found her in the 1900 census.

Name: Jane Tooney.
Brother: James Tooney
Brother: Laurance Tooney
Mother: Anustia Tooney

Well this looks good, spellings are all messed up, but they are at 2124 Ballua Ave Scranton, so I just connected the dots once more.  Have now close as possible birth months, and years.  Also have immigration years for the majority of them.  That will be the next step.

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