Jannie Toomey Corey

I have had Lawrence Toomey's obituary for almost 4 years now, about 4 months ago I was re-reading it, and noticed that it mentioned a sister. Not one person in my family ever said anything about a sister of lawrence.
So off to ancestry first, then genealogybank, start looking around for any references. She was married to a George Martin Corey, who likes to use his middle name as a first name. I have located the 1930 Census, 1920 (listed as Jennie Cory), George's WWII, WWI documents.
I have yet to find there 1910, but I did find a Martin George Corey who would have been about the right age with a sister named Jannie.
Now that seems a little wierd, but hae not gotten anymore information just yet to makes ure that isthe correct information.

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