My Mothers Twin

To be correct my mother in fact does not have a twin (that anyone is aware  of), more of a doppelganger possibility.  This all started a few years back when I was researching one of my family lines, which also happened to be her maiden name KONDRC.  The picture has since been lost under the usual Google searching.  

After doing the usual web search on Google, I turned to image searches to see what might pop up. As I was going page to page this image popped up.

Twin Pic

I have tried to find an old picture of my mother, from when she had hair like this but lets just grab a recent picture and see if you can "see" the resemblances this way.  When I am able to get a better picture I will do another compare.  

The left picture is newer, and the picture on the right is when she was a teenager.  I really wish I had a photo of her with her big hair days, Ill have to ask for a picture. 

But to me looking at the face its the same face....


Ok lets take this a step deeper into a coincidence, or craziness, but they have the same birthday.  One born in American, and the other born in Europe.  Same day, month, and year.  I wish I knew the time that would be even better.

The one thing I could never figure out though is why she appeared under my mom's name.  There was no real connection to the KONDRC's that I could figure out.  I even found her online (not my mom) and tried to contact her with a picture of my mom, yes I know crazy right?  

But I never heard from her.  I think even my mom tried to contact her, maybe she did not understand English, or maybe she was shocked to but she never received an email.

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