One week down with 1940 Census, where do you stand?

I really meant to start digging deep into the 1940 census, but kept getting distracted by the fact that it was hard to figure out who/what/where/when.  I had a basic idea for my main lines, and even found one or two of them, but I was still at a loss for who was alive in the US and where.  Here are my main lines of my family that are in the US that I know for a fact around the 1940's.

Kondrc: PA,  Decker: PA, Jackson:PA, Toomey: PA, Gerrity: PA.

But what about the other surnames in my tree.  And how far back did I have them.    With my main lines how well documented were they?  I was missing ED numbers anywhere that would have been useful.   So every time I thought of looking through the images I was distracted to fill in prior Census reports.  Which would then lead me to other names that were not up to par.

Over all I have probably fixed about 100 people so far (I know not a lot) with a lot more to go.  I figured this out the other day when I used Russ Worthington's post about preparing for the 1940.  I guess I just did not realize how far I was not prepared for it.

This in itself is not a big deal, the 1940 census is not going away, and when I am ready maybe most of the census will be indexed (I can dream right?).

So its back to going over each person in my database one at a time, and connecting the dots to the information that I have collected and really getting a good metric for where I am with everyone.  I am noticing a lot of  easy mistakes that have been fixed, and finding other information to supplement my research for the 1940 census.

Overall I think this has been a very productive week since the release of the 1940 census, and has gotten me back on the wagon for researching again.  I sort of fell off the tracks for the past few months.

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