Lackawanna Public Access Update

With the release of the 1940 census it has gotten me back into researching my family, and one of the first places I had decided to check out was the Lackawanna Public Access, which provide marriage records from 1885-Present, and other index's.  

My main focus was the marriage records for a large portion of my family lived in Lackawanna County (Scranton and Dunmore) to be exact.  Over the years I had made trips to the Scranton Electrical building to do hands on research for the marriage records, now with it being Internet accessible I did not have to worry about taking time out when I visit family back on the east coast.

The website itself is pretty strait forward, once you get past the fact you have to use IE.  The records are in alphabetical order and multiple files can be accessed at once.  They are opened in a separate window, and you can save them as PDF files. 

I was not really expecting that many of my lookup's would pan out but I decided to use Family Tree Builder and sort the list based on date of birth.  From there I started at 1770 (so the person would be about 15 at marriage)  And from there I just picked the names in the list that lived in the Lackawanna County Area and searched for them.

Overall I found 22 marriage records which added a minimum of 44 names to the database (based off spouse's parents names)  For the most part 90% of the records had the parents names for both parties.  Also included on the marriage records were place of birth, age, and current residence.  

Once they get the wills online I will be back there searching for them (I can hope right).  If anyone does have Lackawanna County relatives don't forget that you can also search Land Deeds over at

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