DNA Day and not a peep?

I may have missed something but usually by now we all would have heard of the great sales from companies like 23andMe and FamilyTreeDNA.  I know that I am missing a few but these two are the big players during DNA day.

DNA day is 20 April 2012, just 3 days away, and was wondering what everyone might do this year.  Will you get another test done?  Or will this be your first time trying DNA testing?  Which company will you go with and why?

For starters, I decided to get the ball running on my DNA genealogy last year.  Last April my brother sent me the link with 23andMe sale.  The sale required a monthly fee of 9$  for 1 year.  I was able to get mine, my parents, and one of my brothers setup on 23andMe.  For the first month I used 23andMe a lot, after that not so much..  I am not sure if its 23andMe or DNA genealogy in general as this was my first foray into genetic genealogy.

Don't get me wrong it was great to get my feet wet in this area, and I learned a thing or two, but I think I was expecting more.  I was able to find out my Haplogroups, which will be useful someday, but the whole idea of connecting with relatives was just not there for me, it showed 100s of connection but either they never responded or we could never make a match.  As I said earlier I think I was expecting magic to happen in this, maybe it has for others, but mostly not any real matches found.

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