GenealogyInsider today had a mention of a new website called LiveRoots.   Currently there is not much on the website, but a description of what it does is stated.  After reading it over a few times, and trying to understand it seems that is a search engine of sorts that should search all available known sites, pay site, society sites, ect based on certain keywords put in the search.

If the site is able to pull off what I think it is trying to do, it would be fantastic.  No more going to, then to GenealogyBank, then to NewspaperArchive, ect.  I believe MyHeritage has a search function that does something to this measure, I maybe wrong here.  I know at Myheritage has a global search, not sure if that is LiveRoots intent also, or something similiar.

Ok here is extra infor from the website about surname searching:

To begin a name search, simply enter a surname as a keyword (or several surnames are once). The Live Roots search engine will provide results from three databases: (1) the Live Roots index, (2) the Transcribed Ephemera collection for, and (3) subscription data from Family Tree Connection

Here is another snippit from the website:

For example, take some of the major genealogy sites:, and Combined they all publish images and/or transcribed information from thousands of different publications and sources. Yes, you could visit each site and figure out how to browse through their catalogs to find something, but Live Roots lets you do this with a single query.

From this I can see it has the potential to be useful, searching for a certain document and finding everywhere its available at a click not having to drop down there the sites search's.

Also of note is that you can commision the help of a live helper in your searches, currently no price plans are posted.  As it still is days away from going live not all information is available.  The site goes live 10 Oct 2008.  It will be interesting to test it out, and see on how it functions. 

Also will be interesting to see how much traffic it can handle, sorry thats they Tech in my seeing other websites getting slammed on opening day to go back and upgrade bandwith, and what not. 
 With the site going live on October 10 it

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