End of Ancestry.com Free Census Weekend

As we hit the end of the free census weekend, I wanted to look back and see what I have accomplished with matching census records with known relatives.    At the start of the weekend I had it at roughly 488 names that I need to validate.

Now it is Monday night, and the names list is about 510 (a few added based off of findings during the weekend period).  After double checking my work I believe that I hit at least 50% of the names on my list, with majority based off the big surnames in my family.

I worked  based off my report in Family Tree Maker, but started with my common surnames first (DECKER, GERRITY, JACKSON, TOOMEY, KONDRC) and then worked backwards from them to names like (CHURAY, STOLAR, STATION, MCKENNA, SWINGLE, SPRINGER, ALDRICH) and so on.

Overall it was a great success, and I will move back to searching AncestryLibrary for the rest of the missing census records (It won't be as easy though to incorporate them in my database but I can deal with that).

I did a quick search on Ancestry.com just to see how many "hints" that I have now:

2576 people in my Tree
3967 Hints in my tree

Not to bad it will be my work in progress as I continue to research my tree.

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