Would you Pay Per View on Ancestry.com?

As far as I know they are not planning anything like this but its just something that I have been thinking of while updating my hints in Family Tree Maker.  Most of the hints I can get via AncestryLibrary (thanks to work), but some I cannot because they are only available on Ancestry.com.

Most of them right now are for the Public Family Tree's, and I already have a feeling that majority of the "matches" are not going to be worth anything, which leads me to the point of this post.  I have already signed up for the free trial, and at the moment I would rather not sign up for a month just to view a few files.

As I was thinking about Ancestry.com I think it would be great if the had another pay model on there for say daily use, or even pay per view.  I know that most folks don't like the Pay Per View idea of genealogy, but it makes you verify things more before you take the plunge into purchasing that "view".

As for what the costs per day or even per view could or should be I don't really know.  I am going to base the pay scale off the World Access of 34.95 a month.  Based off  that it would be about a dollar a day, which I don't think they would really do, but say maybe 4$ a day or something in that area.  I think I would be OK with that. 

As Pay Per View, I would probably default to some of the other Pay Per View Genealogy sites and do something like that.  Say you can buy a block of view say 100  for 10$ and its good for say a period of 3-6 months.  These are just rough numbers that I am throwing out here.  The site FindMyPast  has Pay-as-you-Go for 100 views for 13.95

I am not to sure how much more work this would require Ancestry.com to put into their systems, its just me thinking out loud.  I know that I could most likely go to the nearest library or even Family History Center, but sometimes it would be nice just to be able to do it from my own computer so I can update my local database.  It is probably cheaper in the long run to take a 1 month subscription, but its also easier to justify to spend 5$-10$ then its is for 35$ at least for me.

Anybody else have any thoughts on this?

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