Trying my luck at Forums posts again

After some more searching with out getting anywhere I decided to start making some forum post initially at in the area's I am searching, and the names of the families that I am searching for.

I made a post in the Portugal and Brazil forums hoping to get some help or at least a needle in the haystack to point me in a direction, I also posted in two of the surname forums with what little details I have of the families.

I am hoping that this pays off like the last time I put up a forum post requesting help in breaking down a brick wall.

As this is really uncharted water for me in searching Portuguese and Brazil Ancestry, and the fact that I can really only do online searching unless I can find microfilms that I can order at the local FHC I am hoping that someone somewhere can be of assistance.

Almost everything I have on this tree is second hand knowledge at the moment, word of mouth from one family member to another, and then told to me.  So there could be, most likely there are errors in the little bit of information that I currently have.  But this is all I have to go on at the moment (I was able to find 1 obituary that at least gave some of the names of one side of the family.)

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