Data Backup: November 1st.


Time to take a look at my back-up solutions from 1 year ago and see where I stand on backups.  Additionally see what changes I have made to increase my cloud storage, and other sources of backups.

The main things that I backup are my children's pictures and my genealogy data.  I would say that my pictures are about 100GB right now (yes I know that is a lot), and I could probably trim that down a little by not having 300 pictures of the same pose, but that's not the point of this one.

As for my Genealogy data is now sitting at about almost 13GB which about 4GB of it is Camera uploads from my cell phone. (I need to also see what is in here, as it seems to have increased drastically since a year ago)

Overall I recommend Dropbox for cloud storage, but here is the list of all the ones that I use.

Backup Solutions:

DropBox (13.2GB) which was about 2.25 GB last year.  I still have the free account, got to this number by the amount of referrals.  I could use a few more (in case anyone needs a dropbox account, and I highly recommend them - use this link .  Dropbox stores all my Genealogy data, plus it stores camera uploads instantly after taking them with my Galaxy S3.

ZumoDrive (0GB) - ZumoDrive is not longer active, site closed in July.  (25GB)  used to be 5GB now its up to 25GB also a free account which I am not using as well as I should.  I have to download the sync tool and start using it. (10GB) Still have this account, but never used it.  From what I remember it was a pain to upload anything to it.

SugarSync (8GB) I am using 2GB over my free account on this one (did not even know this was possible. I still have access to this account. They also have a sync tool which makes it very easy to use.   If you would like to join for free follow this link.  I get 500MB for anyone that joins. (10GB) - This one is brand new to me, I needed something that had good storage, at the time I had nothing with this amount.  I was copying all the photo's from my children's vacation so I can share them out, and this is what I found.  Not the easiest program, I don't believe there is a sync tool, but they have an upload tool that works.  If you would like to join this one follow this link, once again I get extra space for whoever joins under my referrals.

Google Drive - (5GB) - I use this mostly for my work files, its not fully used at the moment.  It has integration with Google Docs, and also has a sync tool.  If it had more space I think that I would use this the most.

Other Storage

2TB  - I backup my Pictures and Genealogy data to my external 2TB drive using Always Sync and Go.

3TB - This is a backup of the backups.  I make a copy  to this drive every other month.  Unlike the 2TB which is done weekly.

I also have a copy of my pictures and genealogy data off site from my main computer.

So overall my backup plan has not really changed that much.  I have a lot on cloud storage, but at the same time I have backup's local also.  So if the cloud fails I will still be good to go.  My job as an IT professional I have seen my share of data loss,  and that's not counting the stupid things I have done that have almost lost me precious data.

Another piece to the backup solution that I am considering is a NAS drive, currently looking at 4 Bay bring your own disk NAS devices (so I could have something like 6-8TB of data)

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