Data Backup Day

Since my last Backup post I really have not changed things to much over here for my important files.  I have added a new service called SugarSync, which for me acts just like DropBox only bigger.   The account on SugarSync is also the free account and I believe that its 5GB there.

But now to a story of almost disaster with photo's.  About two months ago one of my computers died that had all the pictures of my two daughters (At the time I had a ok solution for backups for this computer).  About 3/4 of the photo's were backed up to an external but due to how the wife using Picasa they were not saving the pictures in my default location that I already had pictures that were being backed up.  Long story short there was about 95GB of pictures/video's of my daughters on the hard drive and I probably had about 60GB backed up.

Well that's not the bad part because its usually easy to turn the drive into a external and copy the files over.  But I was trying to re-install 7 over top of an install and accidentally wiped the partition of the drive (not a good thing folks).  It did this because 7 was being stupid about not installing on the drive and I thought that it just needed the partition formatted (7 partition).  The photo's were on the other partition, so I went into cmd line on 7 install and decided to "clean" the drive without really thinking.  You got it, it erased both partitions.  

I was able to get some recovery software and copy the files off the drive (took about 5 hours) but every file was saved off the drive and I still have it on the side just in case.  I will not use that drive for anything till I am absolutely positive that I have every file off of it.  So I went about bought a 1TB drive to use from now on.  

Once that computer is totally fixed (I bought a new Motherboard and processor) but one of them is dead and I don't really feel like figuring out which one it is at the moment.  Then I will restore them back to that computer.

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