How you back up your Genealogy?

I know we had data backup day on November 1st, and I guess I missed it.  I am in the process of adding another round of backups to my computer.  While I was thinking of this I was curious as to how others backup all their data.

In the past few months I have added a few more "backup" procedures to my backups.  Everyone one of my backup procedures is automated, so its set and forget.  Probably the best way to have it done in my opinion.  As long as you make checks once in a while.

Currently I save all my data to my D: drive.  From there I have Dropbox and Zumo installed on my computer with the free accounts of 2 Gigs.  I have also added a 5Gig free account from that I am syncing via WebDav with Allways Sync and Go.  I also use the same program to make a backup to external storage on a monthly basis roughly.

The last program I use is BackupMyTree for all my GEDCOM files (all family tree databases) to be correct.  And this program is also automated, so its another set and forget.

With all these backups do you think I should be doing something different?  Add some other backup scheme to the mix?  What do all of you use for backups?

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