Data Backup Day

For Christmas, my parents purchased me a new 2.5 250G Hard Drive, and a 3.500G Hard Drive.  I am going to be using the 250G as a primary for me as I leave on deployment. I like these drives better as they do not need external power.

My Data Backup plan is comprised of my genealogy files, plus my digital pictures of my daughters.  These are the two main things I want to never loose.  I am also making a local backup of everything to keep here.   So let start, I will be using a 250G, and a 4G thumb drive to bring with me as I deploy.  At home I will be using a 60G Western Digital 2.5 Hard Drive as backup.  I also will be using another 4G thumb drive that I will make another copy to send to my parents house (just in case).

A while back I purchased a copy of a program called Always Sync, it was the best money I ever spent or backup/sync of files.  I have used it at work, and at home to copy probably 10 Tera bytes worth of data. I would recommend this program to anyone, its simple, quick, and inexpensive.

I have already had the misfortune of losing my family tree database once (not totally, but alot of it).  As another bonus, my family tree, with a lot of pictures are backed up almost daily at MyHeritage.  I hope all this precaution will help in case of any emergency's.  I still remember last year when the fires here in San Diego happened, they seemed so close and we had to evacuate, I was able to get a lot of stuff (the whole computer, my daughters toys, ect). It was not a practical evac plan, as it was time consuming, we had more time then needed, but I would prefer to grab the hard drives and run if need be.  Not disconnecting, and then running (you never know how close the fires can get)

Hope everyone's backup's go well.

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