MyHeritage - Family Tree Builder Update

Today I started up my copy of FTB, and it informed me of an update.  I believe that it came out today also, as I was running the program yesterday (I could be wrong though).  The updated version is 3.0 with a bunch of other small numbers, but I think the old version was 2.0, so this is a big update.

At first glance, without reading any of the notifications of course, I can see only a few minor changes.  There is a new button it is for smart research.  This is only available with a premium account at MyHeritage.   Smart Research which I believe uses the Mega Search on MyHeritage.  Publishing looks a little different, I think it gives a few more options, but its basically the same, click to publish (nice and easy).

As for the other major updates:  Smart Research, Smart Match Merging (have not tried it, but I have been waiting for this for a while), All in one charts, and publishing of video, audio, and documents.  All the ones I just listed are part of the premium account.  I am guessing they are grayed out/locked unless you have a premium account.   I think I have an issue with my account, will have to see.  I have premium but cant use any of the services.

Also new it looks like a FTB Publishing Service that runs down by the windows time, it can be setup to run automatic backups to the online site.

All in all it looks like it will be a great update, can't wait to get my account issue's fixed to give it a whirl and report back to everyone.

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