Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Tree consistency checker

For today's SNGF I used Family Tree Builder's tool "Tree Consistency Checker."  With a tree size of 2,200 names it listed 51 consistency issues.   At this point I don't know if that is a lot in terms of the size of my tree.  Additionally I have not checked to see if they are valid issues, or false positives.

Family Tree Builder does 38 checks

  • Birth after death
  • Died too old  (1)
  • Alive but too old
  • Child older then parent
  • Parent too young  (7)
  • Parent too old
  • Child born after death of parent (1)
  • Fact occurring after death
  • Fact occurring before birth (1)
  • Death date resembles cause of death
  • Death place resembles cause of death
  • Siblings Age (11)
  • Siblings with the same first name (8)
  • Descendants older then ancestors
  • Descendant-Ancestor age mismatch (2)
  • Large spouse age difference (1)
  • Same sex spouses
  • Married too young (3)
  • Too young to be a spouse
  • Inconsistent  name place spelling
  • Place name resembles date
  • Tagged in photo before birth
  • Tagged in photo after death
  • Inconsistent surname spelling  (6)
  • Wrong designation of husband or wife
  • Multiple marriages of same couple
  • Maiden name same as married name (5)
  • Double spaces in name
  • Prefix in first name
  • Prefix in last name
  • Suffix in first name
  • Suffix in last name
  • Alias in first name
  • Alias in last name
  • Siblings with different surnames  (3)
  • Incorrect use of upper/lowercase (2)
  • Year with two digits

-Died to Old (1) - I dont have verified information on when this person was born or passed away.  Her name is Sarah Husted and she died May 1800, reportedly born in 1687.  That is 113 years old.

-Parents too young (7) -  Until I get more information these will stay as they are related to the same person Kunigunde Hopfengarnter and when she was born compared to when her children were born.

-Fact occurring before birth  (1) - Rose Anne Simard (need more info)

-Siblings Age (11) - Another one that needs more info to be corrected.

-Descendant-ancestor age mismatch (2) - Another that needs more info to be able to verify

-Large spouse age difference (1) - same

- Married too young (2) - Needs verification

-Maiden name similar to married name (5) -  most are just place holder names for the spouse.

-Incorrect use of uppercase/lowercase (2) - Fixed.

-Siblings with same first name (8) - Not an actual issues, one line (Kondrc's) used the same names for their
 children because alot of them passed away before the age of 3.

-Inconsistent last name spelling (6) - Not valid check with last names

-Siblings with different last names (3) - one fixed, others not valid.

Overall this was a fun thing to try on the database to see what errors or warnings show up.  It also let me
 fix the easy ones that are missed due to misspellings or other human errors.

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