SNGF: What's Your Ancestor Score?

Getting back into the habit of writing, and saw Randy had a SNGF for this week.  I decided to give it a try.  I first tried to pull the data from historylink which gave me some of the info, but I have not touched Geni in a while so it was not complete.

My next issue was my main computer died about a week ago, so I decided to try and pull the info off of because it was at least sync'd up there on a weekly basis.  Overall I did better then I expected, and I already knew where most of my shortfalls in my research are, but its good to see it in a different light.

A little Google Spread Sheet of the info:

GenRelationshipPoss. People# Found% Completed
4Great GrandParents88100
52x Great GrandParents1616100
63x Great GrandParents321854
74x Great GrandParents641929
85x Great GrandParents1282217.1
96x Great GrandParents256259.7
107x Great GrandParents512193.7

Now I hope my math was right, as I did this with a calculator.  It was good to see that at least to my 2x line that they are fully fledged.  Once you get past them is where it starts to falter, and I know which lines that are missing.

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