Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: How Old

After reading about tonight's SNGF I went over to to give it a whirl.  Unfortunatly I do not know the ages in some of my photo's but I could make educated guess's based off info that I do know.

First one is age is correct actually considering it was taken about a year ago.

This next one was off as he passed away young after a car accident in France (he was my great grand-father Walter Maczek)

This last photo could be possibly close (I am guessing this was around when my grand-parents were dating).  I would say drop maybe 10 for my grandmother, and possibly 5 or so for my grand-father, but these are just guesses.


It is an interesting tool, and will probably get a lot better over time as more people use the system. I think there should be a Yes/No to say if it was accurate or not so that it could possibly learn from its mistakes and go from there.

But mistakes can be caused by bad lighting, blurry photo's, even wrinkles in just the right places.  I had photo's of mine taken in the same year show 27/37/42 respectfully.

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