Facebook Contact Integration

I was on today and saw the Facebook Contact integration with your tree and decided to give it a try.  Mind you I have already seen multiple posts about the dangers of it (privacy issues).  But I just wanted to get a feel for it and see how it works.

I was not even sure I would click all the way through, but wanted to see what information would be "discovered" from Facebook and then placed into the Tree.  If I remember correctly most folks were talking about using it via the App (iOS) I believe.

But I noticed the option on the website itself.  So I went ahead and clicked it.  Which brought up a window with a bunch of my family members, requesting me to click a check box if they were matched up correctly.  Well for about 96% they were correct.  I clicked the check box expecting something to happen, and so far nothing new.

The screen is showing no new information after I verified all the names. All that is left is "I'm Finished" which I was hoping would bring you to a new screen showing all the new information before you proceed to add it to your tree.

But currently I am stuck at that screen, as the I'm Finished does not seem to do anything, and reloading the site just makes me reconfirm all the names I just confirmed.  Maybe its a blessing so that none of the information gets published that could be privacy related to the family members that are alive, or might just be something wrong with my computer/internet not updating when clicking the button.

If anyone has any insight into this please leave a comment.  

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