I know its been a bit of time, but maybe just maybe everyone does not know of the recent updates to Today I seem to have a few minutes with some actual internet to try and catch up to things.

1. Geni/Facebook Connect: You can connect your Facebook account with Geni account. From there you can invite your relatives to join Geni in Facebook. I believe its something on the line of WeRelate, but I could be wrong, either way it opens up Geni to more people.

2. Family Group: The default Family Group is now 4th cousins and closer instead of 3rd.

3. Gifts: Free gifts are back! A few gifts in each category (two birthday, two anniversary) are now free for all users.

Some good additions to Geni I believe, we will see in time how everything pans out. I think some users are still having an issue with the 4th cousins, but that could be just a quick settings issue.

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