Connecting Family

I have been kind of hitting brick walls lately with a lot of my surnames mostly because I do probally 95% online through general record search and what not.  Sometimes I expand out and hope to find a connection either via a message board, or even through Geni.

When I get to this point I just start looking up random names (in my database) in Google and Ancestry and try and make a match.  Sometimes I am lucky more often then not I do not find anything new.  Last night I was looking up one of my great aunts husbands family. 

The names was Frank D. Edwards and he was born in 18.   I was able to trace him to the 1930 census, 1920, 1910, and then I found a Frank D. Edwards in 1900 in Lackawanna PA.  He was showing to be born in 1899 but the birthday was January on the census.

I know the Frank Edwards in my tree was born in January also.  I believe that I found a connection and even better I found a Father and first name for the mother.  Off to PAGENWEB for Lackawanna and do some searching in thier marriage record index.  After a few searches I find a Arthur Edwards who married a Reachel Depew.  

According to the census records Franks parents are Arthur and Rachel so I now have a marriage date for them and I have a rough estimate based off the census of when they were born.  Not to bad for about 30 minutes of work.  I wish it was this easy still with my main tree.  But I guess that I have gotten all the usefull information that you can find online and will need to go out and physically get to the places that they where from.

Next I need to also see where Arthur and Rachel where buried and see if I can get a picture of the graves.  Or maybe a land deed or obituary also.  In the end it may not help me for my tree, but maybe one of my cousins will see the work and be able to add more and others will be able to use this information for thier tree.  I have also added all the information that I have found yesterday to

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