Google Your Family Tree

As I am away from my home, I thought about getting the book "Google Your Family Tree".  I went to the website to see how much it was, and where I can order from.  While I was there I went through some of the pages, and even learned a thing or two about good old Google.

With the few tricks that I did learn I was able to add about 4 to 5 more people to my tree with valid information.  I believe I found an obituary even, which provided new surnames to lookup.  I am hopefully that today I will be able to find even more to add to the tree.  Currently my tree sits at about 1050, just waiting to take the next jump to 1,100, or even 1,500. 

Now I can't wait to get the book, I will have my parents get it for my birthday.  I will at least have something to read for the times that I do have internet. 

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