Thailand Visit

I just left Pattaya Beach, Thailand and I am going to miss all the good food there.  For a few days I was in food heaven, with Tom Yum, and Papaya Salad (dont know the real name for it), and Ginger Chicken, and Sweet and Sour Shrimp, well I could go on with more.  I think my favorite food it Thai food, and I was able to experience it first hand for a few days. 

The heat there was a little less the to be desired, but we had a pool, and the beach near us.  We did not stray to far from the main strip, nor did we head towards Walking Street at night, which would probally be an experience not to miss. 

As we head onward to our next visit, I wonder what more I could have seen, and still whats in store in this next country.  I just hope the food is as good as Thailand.

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