Busan (Pusan), My new Adventure

Sorry that I have been off topic of late, as I am traveling and genealogy without internet or any other resources is fairly hard.  Instead I decided to post a little about where I have been, and what I have been doing.  We are in Busan, South Korea and its just amazing, the food is outstanding, but I have still not tried the live squid, and really not sure if I am up to it.

From our first day here, were we blindly picked our meals based off of random letters.  The first place did not have pictures for us, thank god our server steered us in the correct path.  I have tried to learn a few words, right now I think I can butcher "Hello" and "Thank you" pretty well, beyond that I am lost. 

I wanted to try and get to see much more of the land, but we are limited to the general area of Busan currently, which is abundant with fish markets, clothing markets, well markets in general, and the street food is outstanding also, I had a cinnimon bun dougnut with sunflower seeds I believe, and a waffle with ice cream. 

Its been a fun visit here, and I am glad that I have been able to get around and visit, and meet people and see the world.

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