Book Review: The Historian

      While out in Japan, I wanted to get something to read while underway, and decided to pickup The Historian.   I have seen this book many times, but it was not really in my style of books as of late, it had the feel of another Di Vinci Code, feel to it.  The book weighs in at about 910 pages, which would probally take an average user a few weeks, I was able to finish it within 5 days, on a pretty average reading.
     Like the cover says, it will keep you interested, and you never really want to put the book down, everytime I was getting ready for bed, I always had to force myself to put the book down.  To get to the story of the book, its about Vlad Tepes otherwise known as "Dracula", or Vlad the Impaler.  But its not directly about him, its about the search for him, or the the thought that he may be alive still.  The book is another in the series of historical fiction which the writer was able to teach the reader about history during Vlad's time, and other interesting tidbits about his life. 

   Personally I have never heard of the Order of the Dragon, or for that matter what Dracula technically meant, I always knew it meant "Son of Dracul", but Dracul also means Dragon.  Did you know that Vlad Tepes was sent as a young boy by his father to his enemy the Sultan to live (The Ottomans).   

  The book is a historian who finds a book, and in that search is trying to discover Dracula, and in that search what happens to his predecessor, and his family in that search for the monstor.  After reading this book it got me to thinking of Genealogy, as the book gave a basic idea of the famiy tree of Vlad Tepes, I was wondering if there is a true family tree of Vlad Tepes.

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