New book in the mail today

I order the book "Long Forgotten Events from Imperial Austria" so long ago I even forgot about it.  Well not really forgot about the book, more like gave up that it was going to arrive any day soon.  I think it was about 2 1/2 weeks ago I ordered the book and at the time I did not see that there was a 2 week notice before they would ship the book.

Either way it finally arrived today in the mail.  I was expecting a hard cover book especially since I payed about 30$ for the book, but its a soft cover book about 300 pages long.    The main reason I ordered this book via Amazon was because I am distantly related to the author Jakob Ludwig Heller (b. 1842-d.1920).  While doing search's on his name I found out about this book and some notes about family tree's listed in it.

I was unable to find an electronic copy of the book, or even a copy at the library so I finally decided to just go out and order the book.  From a quick look over at the book, it looks like there are some great photo's of distant family members, along with some photo's of houses and other items of interest.

The family tree's provided at the end of the book are for the surnames:  JEITELES, HELLER. and FOGES.  Through my PERUTZ family  I am tied to these families.  There were about 15 new names in the family tree's with dates which is great. I wish that they provided more defined sources but at least I have some new names to research on my tree to verify that they are the correct people in the tree.

I am going to read the book in the next few weeks as it not only give insight into the family, but also about that period of time and growing up during the 1840s to the 1920's.   I always find reading about history interesting and its even better when you are reading about a family member's history.

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